Spherical Audio Composition Tool
"Beyond Flat Displays: Towards shaped and deformable interactive surfaces" is a workshop theme at this year's ACM Interactive Tabletops & Surfaces conference at the MIT Media Lab, where we will present the position paper "Rethinking Spherical Media Surfaces by Re-reading Ancient Greek Vases". ABSTRACT - "In this paper, we propose re-reading of past artifacts and traditions as a …
Don Norman Poster
Author, consultant, academic and design thinker Don Norman joined us over Skype for a Q&A session to kick-off Koç University's Design, Technology and Society graduate program. We made a recording of the session, which is available on our YouTube channel.
Don Norman Poster
Donald Norman will be joining us on October 4, Thursday on 18:30, via teleconference, to give the Design, Technology and Society graduate program kick-off lecture. The event will take place in room Z21 of the Koç University Social Sciences Building. UPDATE: The event has been moved to room ENG Z50 (Engineering Auditorium) of the Koç University School …