Winning Entries: “Handheld Objects” Design Challenge

We are pleased to announce the results of our “Handheld Objects” Design Challenge. The names of the winners and the participants who were shortlisted by the jury can be found below, along with the names and short descriptions of their projects.

The visuals for the entries will be exhibited until April 1, 2016 in the Koç University Student Center building, floor -1.

Grand Prize: Love Knuckles by Kaan Ayparlar

Love Knuckles

The Love Knuckles, made of a handle that goes between the fingers to stretch them out and a puffy ball to warm up the palm, can be used to warm up and stretch your hands which are strained from the cold and getting stuck in the same position while studying.

The jury appreciates how this student has incorporated an experience from their daily life and used two opposing concepts to produce a new idea and communicate it honestly.

Second Place: Handfulofink by Ali Alp Uzman


Handfulofink is an efficient method for finger painting or writing. The object consists of a glove with writing nibs attached the fingertip. The nibs can be changed or replaced with other devices such as an eraser, making the device practical for artists and artisans.

The jury has been impressed by this idea which is novel, inspired, and seeks creativity in different dimensions without being constrained to a particular form. The visual language of the submission communicates plenty with a single photo.

Third Place: Moody by Yağmur Gökçe


Moody provides the user with opportunities to visually express their emotional state in a particular setting with touch (using Scherer’s ‘Geneva Emotion Wheel’) and monitor the emotional states of other users visually via its screen.

The jury commends the student’s inclusive idea and that they have produced a quick prototype of their design.


Don’t Stop Pop Gloves by Esin Eroğlu

We all enjoy popping the bubble wraps that come wrapped around the new stuff that we buy. With the Don’t Stop Pop Gloves, we never have to stop enjoying the popping.

ScaLife by Ahmet Can Solak

ScaLife, made by bringing together simple origami products, is a scalability totem. Handling this totem every day and bringing it together with the products we use highlights the scalability of daily events.

Communicator by Oğuzhan Akan

Communicator reverses the process of communicating via sign language, allowing our friends with hearing disabilities to express themselves in words. The spherical shape and circular movements of the object conform to the human anatomy and increase usability.

Tipitip by Gülmin Coşar

Tipitip exposes the fingertips but occludes the rest of the finger, making it easier to draw and type on touchscreens. It can be kept on the finger constantly. It allows the skin on your finger to breathe, preventing sweating and callousing.

Motivation Injection by Beyza Şahbaz

The Motivation Injection pen can be used 365 days a year for multipurpose motivation injections, wherever you are.

Ring Cable by Mehmet Tunahan Tuncer

The Ring Cable is a small device that unites the functions of charging and data cables. It is also a ring that you can wear at any time.

mol-doh by Melis Katırcıoğlu

Mol-doh comprises a chemical model and modeling clay. Parts of the model can be individually mounted or disengaged from the model, and various forms can be created with ease.