Infotainment” comprises conveniently accessible information-conveying media content that incorporates elements of entertainment. As social and interactive media pervade our lives, “infotainment” applications are increasing in popularity. Vehicles are one domain where novel applications for “infotainment” may be realized.

Design Lab, in collaboration with TOFAŞ, is looking for doctoral students to conduct research in this domain.

The recruited PhD student will be able to utilize TOFAŞ’s research facilities, the largest and most comprehensive of their kind in Turkey, for prototyping, testing and development.

The student will be working full-time on full scholarship. The scholarship comprises a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. For more information on the benefits and financial aid packages, please refer to the associated page on the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, industrial product design, or a related field
  • Work samples of design experience and/or conceptual ideas on interactive media applications

Application Procedure

Applicants are to review the Information on MA/MDes/PhD in Design page on our website, then fill in and submit a pre-application form. Applicants must include their current (or expired, if current scores are not available) ALES and TOEFL scores in the pre-application form.

Pre-application deadline: December 25, 2013