(Applicable for both BA or MA degree holders.)

Koç University’s Design Lab is working on a wearable devices which aims at increasing Pen-and-Paper Role-Playing Game Experience. We are looking for a candidate for our product development based MA and PhD in Design Program to work in this project. See details about the project here.

The accepted candidate will:

  • Work in collaboration with a PhD Student for the fashionable design of the wearable device
  • Work on styles which combines technology and fashion
  • Study on how fantasy world styles may cast light on the fashion-driven technology
  • Conduct research on user-centered fashion design methods with the help of a research psychologist

During the post-grad education, successful students may meet outstanding universities and labs which we have relationships such as Carnegie Mellon University and Chalmers Institute of Technology.

More information including application requirements and benefits are published on the website for the Design, Technology and Society Graduate Program and the information page for MA/MDes/PhD applicants on our website. The project Wearable Devices for Role Playing Games should be selected in the application form should be specified in the pre-application form.

In addition to the general requirements published online, the following requirements apply to this project:

  • BA or MA degree preferably in Industrial Product Design or Fashion Design
  • Experience in fashion design

Application deadline: 10 January 2016 17:00