Winning Entries: “Edible Objects” Design Challenge

We are pleased to announce the results of our “Handheld Objects” Design Challenge. The names of the winners and the participants who were shortlisted by the jury can be found below, along with the names and short descriptions of their projects. The jury has opted to refrain from awarding the grand prize to any of the entries, and given two third-place awards instead.

Third Place: Toothfriendly Cute Cups by Gül İpek Tombak

Toothfriendly cute cups

“Toothfriendly Cute Cups” are small cups made of peppermint-flavored gum for holding mouthwash. They can be chewed after use, which allows the feeling of freshness to continue for a longer period of time while eschewing the need to wash or replace cups.

Third Place: Melt It! by Cansu Korkmaz

Melt It

The aim of “Melt It!” is to bring a new function to the coffee sleeve. The chocolate packed inside the special holder will start to melt when it encounters hot coffee. Then the chocolate can be easily separated from the sleeve and blended into coffee.


KUAR “Artistic Applications” Grant for Engineering, Science and Social Sciences

Design Activities

The KUAR “Artistic Applications” Grant for Engineering, Science and Social Sciences is designed to fulfill the needs of researchers in engineering, social sciences, etc. (fields other than visual design and visual arts) that pertain to visual design, artistic “cover”, and content that relates to their research.

The aim is to build awareness as to how the creative industries can contribute to ongoing research in other fields, and to promote the use of research output from other fields to inspire the creative industries.

There is no deadline for the applications. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and researchers will receive a reply about their application within 30 days. The grants will be awarded “first come, first served,” and the call will be closed for the year once the pre-allocated yearly budget has been distributed.

The upper limit for service purchases is 25,000 TL.

Applications for the first batch of of grants are currently open to Koç University faculty only.

Please use the application form here to submit your proposal for the grant (requires Koç University login).